Special interest group on LPR3

On 15th September 2021, DSFE launched a SIG focusing on LPR3 (the new version of the National Patient Register). The SIG have its platform on Trello—an intuitive online tool specifically developed for knowledge sharing. The motivation behind the development of this SIG is to tackle the many challenges researchers within the field of pharmacoepidemiology will likely face when switching from LPR2 (the old version of the National Patient Register) to LPR3 data.

At Trello, members can build a coding library (SAS, STATA, and R syntaxes used for data management and analyses of LPR3 data) and join a discussion forum facilitating discussions on LPR3-related issues.

Group membership is free of charge for DSFE members. You will receive an introduction to Trello when signing up. To sign up please contact info@dsfe.dk.

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