Overview of Danish Registry Reviews

With the Overview of Danish Registry Reviews, the Danish Society for Pharmacoepidemiology aims to provide a recommendation on which reviews that most accurately describe the main Danish registries and their use for pharmacoepidemiological research.

Most Danish registries have previously been reviewed. However, reviews may become outdated with time for several reasons. Thus, the registries or the methods for which they can be used in research are often improved over time. The application procedures may also change. Finally, validation of the registry data with new information about the quality of the data may also justify updates of existing reviews.

There is therefore a consistent need to stay updated on which reviews that best describe each registry. To facilitate this information to individual researcher and to create a common platform where researcher easily can check if new reviews have been published, the Society have made the overview below. A PDF-file of the registries can be found here.

Comments or suggestions for updates are welcome and can be mailed to morten.schmidt@clin.au.dk.

Morten Schmidt, MD, PhD

Overview of the Danish registries

The Danish name of registerThe English name of registerThe title of the publicationAuthorsJournalDOI with link
Bygnings- og Boligregistret (BBR)The Building and Housing RegisterThe Building and Housing RegisterChristensen GScand J Public Health 2011;39:106-810.1177/1403494811399168
CancerregistretThe Danish Cancer RegistryThe Danish Cancer RegistryGjerstorff MLScand J Public Health 2011;39:42-510.1177/1403494810393562
CPR-registretThe Civil Registration SystemThe Danish Civil Registration System as a tool in epidemiologySchmidt M, Pedersen L, Sørensen HTEur J Epidemiol 2014;29:541-910.1007/s10654-014-9930-3
Dansk receptdatabaseThe Danish National Database of Reimbursed PrescriptionsExisting data sources for clinical epidemiology: The Danish National Database of Reimbursed PrescriptionsJohannesdottir SA, Horvath-Puho E, Ehrenstein V, et alClin Epidemiol 2012;4:303-1310.2147/CLEP.S37587
LægemiddelstatistikregisteretThe Danish National Prescription RegistryData Resource Profile: The Danish National Prescription RegistryPottegård A, Schmidt SA, Wallach-Kildemoes H, et alInt J Epidemiol. 2016 Oct 27. pii: dyw213.10.1093/ije/dyw213
Det Centrale psykiatriregisterThe Danish Psychiatric Central Research RegisterThe Danish Psychiatric Central Research RegisterMors O, Perto GP, Mortensen PBScand J Public Health 2011;39:54-710.1177/1403494810395825
Det Elektroniske Patient Medicineringssystem (EPM) [Hospitalslægemiddelregister for Region Hovedstaden]The Electronic Patient Medication module (EPM) [In-hospital drug-use in the Capital Region of Denmark]Content and validation of the Electronic Patient Medication module (EPM)-the administrative in-hospital drug use database in the Capital Region of DenmarkJensen TB, Jimenez-Solem E, Cortes R, et alScand J Public Health 201810.1177/1403494818760050
Det Medicinske FødselsregisterMedical Birth RegistryThe Danish Medical Birth RegisterBliddal M, Broe A, Pottegård A, et alEur J Epidemiol 2018;33: 27-3610.1007/s10654-018-0356-1
DødsårsagsregistretThe Danish Register of Causes of DeathThe Danish Register of Causes of DeathHelweg-Larsen KScand J Public Health 2011;39:26-910.1177/1403494811399958
IndkomstregistretIncome Statistics RegisterDanish registers on personal income and transfer paymentsBaadsgaard M, Quitzau JScand J Public Health 2011;39:103-510.1177/1403494811405098
Laboratoriedatabasen (LABKA)The clinical laboratory information system (LABKA)Existing data sources for clinical epidemiology: The clinical laboratory information system (LABKA) research database at Aarhus University, DenmarkGrann AF, Erichsen R, Nielsen AG, et alClin Epidemiol 2011;3:133-810.2147/CLEP.S17901
LandspatientregistretThe Danish National Patient RegistryThe Danish National Patient Registry: a review of content, data quality, and research potentialSchmidt M, Schmidt SAJ, Sandegaard JL, et alClin Epidemiol 2015;7:449-9010.2147/CLEP.S91125
Medstat.dkMedstat.dk - The Danish online Drug use statisticsData Resource Profile: Danish online drug use statistics (MEDSTAT)Schmidt M, Hallas J, Laursen M, FriisInt J Epidemiol. 2016 Oct;45(5):1401-1402g10.1093/ije/dyw116
Odense Pharmacoepidemiolocial Database (OPED)Odense Pharmacoepidemiolocial Database (OPED)Odense Pharmacoepidemiological Database: A Review of Use and ContentHallas J, Hellfritzsch M, Rix M, et alBasic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol. 2017 May;120(5):419-425.10.1111/bcpt.12764
UddannelsesregistreDanish Education RegistersDanish education registersJensen VM, Rasmussen AWScand J Public Health 2011;39:91-410.1177/1403494810394715
Vestdansk hjerte-CT databaseWestern Denmark Cardiac Computed Tomography RegistryThe Western Denmark Cardiac Computed Tomography Registry: a review and validation studyNielsen LH, Nørgaard BL, Tilsted HH, et alClin Epidemiol 2015;7:53-6410.2147/CLEP.S73728
Vestdansk HjertedatabaseThe Western Denmark Heart RegistryExisting data sources for clinical epidemiology: The Western Denmark Heart RegistrySchmidt M, Maeng M, Jakobsen C-J, et alClin Epidemiol 2010;2:137-4410.2147/CLEP.S10190
Aarhus Universitets ReceptdatabaseAarhus University Prescription DatabaseExisting data sources for clinical epidemiology: Aarhus University Prescription DatabaseEhrenstein V, Antonsen S, Pedersen LClin Epidemiol2010;2:273-910.2147/CLEP.S13458

Overview of the timeline for the initiation of the Danish registries (Clin Epidemiol 2015;7:449–90)


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