Course in Advance Pharmacoepidemiology 2019

Two-day course: advanced methods in pharmacoepidemiology.

The Danish Society for Pharmacoepidemiology is offering a new two-day course on “Advanced Methods in Pharmacoepidemiology”. The course was organized by Anton Pottegård (University of Southern Denmark) and Klaus Kaae Andersen (Danish Cancer Society).

The course focuses on both the design and analytical aspects of pharmacoepidemiological studies. This includes methods for quantifying drug utilizations and a discussion of the most common statistical models used in assessing risk and benefits associated with drug use. We also discuss common methods for confounder control, including propensity score modelling, and present methods for assessing validity of studies. Finally, an overview of common study designs is presented and discussed.

All presentations and recordings are now available below.

Day 1 May 2 2019
9:45-10:00Welcome and course overview
10:00-11:00Estimation and reporting of drug utilizationDUS, Presentation Recording Anton Pottegård
11:00-12:00Study designs commonly used in pharmacoepidemiology Study designs,
Recording Christian Dehlendorff
13:00-14:00Commonly used statistical models in pharmacoepidemiologyStatistical methods,
Recording Klaus Kaae Andersen
14:00-14:30Coffee/tea and cake break
14:30-16:00Writing of research protocolsImpromptu Designs, Presentation
Study protocols, Presentation
Impromptu Design, Recording
Study Protocol, Recording
Note: Impromptu Design has sporadic sound. Study protocol has no sound in the first 4 mins
Anton Pottegård
Day 2 May 3 2019
9:00-9:45Validation methods and bias evaluationBias, Presentation Recording Kasper Kristensen
9:45-10:30Confounder control and propensity score methodsConfounder Control, Presentation Recording Christian Dehlendorff
10:30-11:00Coffe/tea and cake break
11:00-11:45Estimation of causal effects in pharmacoepidemiologyCausal effects, Presentation Recording Klaus Kaae Andersen
11:45-12:30New-user and prevalent-user designs
12:30-13:30Lunch and goodbye

Anton Pottegård,
Klaus Kaae Andersen,
Christian Dehlendorff,
Kasper Kristensen,

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