Course in Advance Pharmacoepidemiology

Two-day course: advanced methods in pharmacoepidemiology.

The Danish Society for Pharmacoepidemiology is offering a new two-day course on “Advanced Methods in Pharmacoepidemiology”, on May 2 – 3 2019. The venue is the Danish Cancer Society in Copenhagen and is organized by Anton Pottegård (University of Southern Denmark) and Klaus Kaae Andersen (Danish Cancer Society). The course is free of charge for DSFE members and, besides exciting content, offers the possibility to network with colleagues, including a nice dinner somewhere in Copenhagen May 2, and a special session on how to write a research protocol.

The course focuses on both the design and analytical aspects of pharmacoepidemiological studies. This includes methods for quantifying drug utilizations and a discussion of the most common statistical models used in assessing risk and benefits associated with drug use. We also discuss common methods for confounder control, including propensity score modelling, and present methods for assessing validity of studies. Finally, an overview of common study designs is presented and discussed. To register, please send an email to Lissa Churchward lissa@CANCER.DKno later than april 23rd.

Online participation is available however we do recommend attending in person. All presentations and recording will be available on this page after the course.

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