Annual meeting 2020

Promoting multinational Nordic pharmacoepidemiologic studies

The Danish Society for Pharmacoepidemiology would like to invite you to join our annual meeting on the 26th October 2020. The theme of the day will be: Promoting multinational Nordic pharmacoepidemiologic studies.

Date: 26 October 2020
Location: The Danish Cancer Society, Strandboulevarden 49, 2100 Copenhagen (physical and online attendance possible)
Registration: (19 October latest for physical attendance)
Price: Free to LVS members; for non-members please register for a membership (
Early career research are invited to submit an abstract of their work to the Oral Presentation Competition (submission to at 15 October latest)

Speakers include:

  • Mette Nørgaard will talk about the establishment of a Nordic cohort to study rare diseases
  • Björn Pasternak will give a talk on the possibilities and pitfalls of international studies
  • Jan P. Vandenbroucke will give a talk about the journey from idea to study.

Followed by three 15-min presentations by

  • Sarah Hjort Andersen, Rikke Wesselhöft, and Signe Sørup, giving talks about their Nordic projects.

All presentations and recordings will be available here after the meeting.


9:30-10:00Coffee & Breakfast
10:00-10:15Welcome & opening remarksMette Bliddal, University of Southern Denmark and OPEN, DSFE chair
10:15-11:00Chronic immune thrombocytopenia: Establishing a multinational Nordic cohort study on a rare diseaseMette Nørgaard, professor, Aarhus University
11:00-11:45Conducting multinational Nordic studies - possibilities and pitfalls.Björn Pasternak, Senior researcher, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
11.45-12:30Lunch & Networking
12:45-13:30Oral presentation competitionDeadline for abstracts 15th October 2020
13:30- 14:00General assembly
14:00-14:15Coffee & Networking
14:15-15.00From ideas to studies: How to get ideas and sharpen them into research questionsJan P. Vandenbroucke
15.00-15.15Risk of childhood cancers after prenatal exposure to medications - a Nordic registry-based studySarah Hjorth Andersen, University of Oslo, Norway
15:15-15:30Multisite collaborations - from Norway to New YorkRikke Wesselhöft, University of Southern Denmark
15:30-15:45Childhood morbidity and non-specific effects of vaccines in the Nordic countriesSigne Sørup, Aarhus University
15:45-16:00Closing remarksMette Bliddal, University of Southern Denmark, DSFE chair
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