Annual meeting 2020

Promoting multinational Nordic pharmacoepidemiologic studies

The Danish Society for Pharmacoepidemiology had their annual meeting on the 26th October 2020. The theme of the day was: Promoting multinational Nordic pharmacoepidemiologic studies.

All presentations are now available below

Speakers include:

  • Mette Nørgaard will talk about the establishment of a Nordic cohort to study rare diseases
  • Anton Pottegård will talk about the Danish COVID-19 Cohort
  • Jan P. Vandenbroucke will give a talk about the journey from idea to study.

Followed by three 15-min presentations by

  • Sarah Hjort Andersen, Rikke Wesselhöft, and Signe Sørup, giving talks about their Nordic projects.


10:00-10:15Welcome & opening remarksMette Bliddal, University of Southern Denmark and OPEN, DSFE chair
10:15-10:55Chronic immune thrombocytopenia: Establishing a multinational Nordic cohort study on a rare diseasePresentation
Mette Nørgaard, professor, Aarhus University
11:00-11:30The Danish COVID-19 CohortPresentation
Anton Pottegård, Professor, University of Southern Denmark
11.45-12:15General assembly
12:15-12:45Lunch break
12:45-13:00Risk of childhood cancers after prenatal exposure to medications - a Nordic registry-based studySarah Hjorth Andersen, University of Oslo, Norway
13:00-13:15Multisite collaborations - from Norway to New YorkPresentation
Rikke Wesselhöft, University of Southern Denmark
13:15-13:30Childhood morbidity and non-specific effects of vaccines in the Nordic countriesSigne Sørup, Aarhus University
13:40-14:20From ideas to studies: How to get ideas and sharpen them into research questionsPresentation


Appendices Ideas to Studies

Jan P. Vandenbroucke
14:20-14:30Closing remarksMette Bliddal, University of Southern Denmark, DSFE chair
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